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Non-Personal Interpretation Unit Head

  • Organisation:Zayed National Museum
  • Location:ZNM Offices, Abu Dhabi
  • Contract type:Full Time

Position Specification 

Job Purpose

  • To connect visitors to Zayed National Museum by developing compelling non-personal interpretation that attracts, welcomes, inspires, and informs visitors about the history of the UAE and its founding father. The intention is to guide our audiences through a life-long journey of discovery that connects them to Sheikh Zayed and the UAE.
  • The Non-Personal Interpretation Unit Head leads the team who is responsible for researching, designing, and developing all non-personal interpretive media (including interpretive writing, intepretive design, and digital engagement) that animate objects, stories, and concepts for museum audiences onsite, online, and offsite.

Managerial Responsibilities

  • Manage the team who develops, writes, designs, and evaluates all non-personal interpretation materials including but not limited to: exhibit texts and labels, interpretive panels, mobile apps, self-led visitor activities, audio tours, digital multimedia guides, online resources and website content, way finding and other signage, social media, visitor information, models, guidebooks, mechanical and digital interactive media, audio-visual media,  print and electronic publications,  virtual and augmented reality,
  • Prepare and manage the budget for all unit initiatives and programmes including managing the procurement, purchasing and sourcing for the provision of materials and equipment.
  • Manage the staff of the unit including recruitment & selection, performance management, mentoring & coaching, career development guidance, setting objectives and KPI’s of their direct reports.
  • Establish Unit goals, methods, policies and procedures for implementing programmes in alignment with the Museum’s strategic vision, mission and goals



  • Support the Interpretation Section Head and Director of Learning and Public Engagement in developing the Interpretive Master Plan for the opening and first years of operation of the museum.
  • Work with the Director and other Section and Unit Heads to develop the Children and Families Learning Strategy, Digital Learning Strategy, and the Adult Learning Strategy and 5 Year plan flowing out from and working in parallel with the Interpretive Master Plan.
  • Lead the recruitment & selection for the Non-Personal Interpretation Unit.
  • Working in parallel with subject matter experts, research, develop, deliver and oversee the production of inclusive bilingual non-personal interpretation onsite, online and offsite.
  • Ensure that non-personal interpretive media are accurate, coordinated and integrated across the site, online and offsite.
  • Ensure that accessbility and inclusivity are considered in the overall plan of all non-personal interpretation.
  • Proof read interpretive text in Arabic and English.
  • Lead the development of interpretive writing guidelines and procedures.
  • Lead the development of interpretive sign templates.
  • Write non-personal interpretive texts for permanent & temporary exhibitions, learning social media, learning website, apps, and other interpretive projects onsite, online and offsite.


  • Lead the development of interpretive content projects and tools for permanent and temporary collections and exhibitions, and work with relevant teams to achieve high quality innovative interpretive resources that inspire visitors to connect with the legacy of Sheikh Zayed, in line with the Interpretation Master Plan.
  • Research, design, write, and evaluate significant non-personal interpretive content for a variety of platforms and contexts, as well as assigning, overseeing and reviewing the work produced by junior team members.
  • Ensure parallel levels of quality, information, and messaging between Arabic and English non-personal media.
  • Ensure that ZNM’s non-personal media are accessible and inclusive.
  • Plan, monitor, track, and report on budgets.
  • Oversee the work of agency resources for assigned projects to ensure the high quality, on-time, in-budget delivery of projects.
  • With the Personal Interpretation Unit Head, lead regular visitor focus groups to ensure that interpretive content, methods and devices are audience relevant.
  • In consultation with all Learning and Public Engagement staff, review and refresh the museum’s interpretive resources, themes & content on a regular basis to incorporate audience needs, motivations and expectations ensuring relevance, accessibility, and visitor learning experiences for target audiences, and ensuring content is audience- and age-appropriate.
  • Collaborate with the other Unit Heads and their teams to build a database of potential partners in the fields of interpretation, museum programs, universities, K-12 schools, teachers, artists, tourism providers, and key members of the community.
  • Any other duties as applicable to the role.

Person Specification

Required Experience:

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience with at least 4 years experience in a large museum heritage site, or cultural tourist attraction leading, developing, planning, delivering, and evaluating interpretation programmes and strategies for a wide variety of audiences, using a wide variety of media.
  • Strong background in all aspects of Visitor Experience.
  • Able to lead by example and be a mentor.
  • Ability to train staff and volunteers.
  • Proven experience in writing interpretive materials for museums for multiple target audiences.
  • Experience with the use of new technologies to interpret the collections and to engage new audiences.
  • Demonstrated professional experience managing and motivating a team and individuals.
  • Excellent research and writing skills.
  • Strong organisational and planning skills.
  • Excellent project management skills.
  • Experience in audience research.
  • Knowledge of and experience in interpretive and visitor experience evaluation methods.
  • Experience of developing and managing a budget.

Preferred Experience:

  • Knowledge of exhibition development and publications.
  • Competent knowledge of a subject matter relevant to the narrative and collection of the museum.
  • Working knowledge of health and safety, child and vulnerable adults protection procedures.
  • Experience of contributing to the development of museum learning strategy.

Required Education / Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Media Studies, Museum Studies, Interpretation, Education, History, Archaeology, or equivalent discipline.

Preferred Education:

  • Master Degree in Journalism, Media Studies, Museum Studies, Interpretation, Education, History, Archaeology, or equivalent discipline.

Required Competencies


Performs at the Professional Competency Level:

Thought Focus:

  • Broad Mindset
  • Uses Resources Efficiently
  • Makes Effective Decisions

People Focus:

  • Develops Self
  • Builds Sustainable Relationships
  • Inspires and Enables Others

Delivery Focus:

  • Shapes and Initiates
  • Drives Accountability
  • Customer Centricity


Competency Name / Proficiency Level:

  • Industry Knowledge (Core) – Skill
  • Project Management (Core) – Skill
  • Customer Service (Core) – Skill
  • Strategic Planning (Core) – Knowledge
  • Research (Core) – Skill
  • Subject Matter Expertise – Skill
  • Interpretive Programme Development, Delivery, and Evaluation – Skill
  • Collections Management – Awareness
  • Publishing – Knowledge
  • Editorial – Skill
  • Interpretation and Mediation – Mastery
  • Ideation – Skill

To Apply

To apply please send your CV and covering letter to [email protected]

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