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MuseumNext started with a simple question, ‘what’s next for museums?’

Since 2009, we’ve tried to answer that, building a global community of museum leaders, innovators and makers who champion future thinking in museums.

We’ve discovered that the answer to ‘what’s next?’ is as varied as the people who are building it, and with more than 500 presentations shared, we’ve discussed every aspect of the modern museum.

But perhaps the most important lesson that we’ve learned is the positive effect on our organizations of taking the time out with like-minded people to think about where we are going.

Our events are energizing and the conversations positive. And when the time comes to leave, delegates don’t just have a notebook full of new ideas, but also new friends and an unofficial support network.

MuseumNext has led to collaborations that span the globe, and the influence of our passionate community can be seen in action in museums around the world.

From Rio de Janeiro to Melbourne, from Cape Town to Singapore and New York to Copenhagen, our passionate community is shaping the future of museums.

I loved MuseumNext. It had the right combination of edginess, young people, and easy laid back charm.

Elaine Heumann Gurian

Global Museum Conferences

MuseumNext conferences take place throughout the year in Europe, North America and Australia. These gatherings offer our global community the opportunity to hear inspiring presentations, pick up career skills in expert hosted workshops and network with fellow delegates.

In 2018 our conferences take place in the cities of Brisbane, London, Amsterdam and New York.

Speaking at the MuseumNext conference

Details of how to get involved in these events, from our call to papers through to opportunities for exhibitors can be found in the Get Involved section of this website.