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Access these recent MuseumNext conferences on-demand, with 12 months access so that you can revisit the talks again and again

The Museums, Health and Wellbeing Summit will bring together inspiring presentations and actionable advice from those leading this work in Museums around the globe.

From improving mental health to combating social isolation, building resilience in children, to serving those suffering from age-related conditions, this virtual event shared what’s next for health, wellbeing and museums.


Confused about how to incorporate digital into your exhibitions, not sure where to focus your attention for the best result?

From immersive exhibits to audio guides, virtual reality to robots, over this virtual event shared the latest strategies, techniques and technologies.


If you’re struggling to keep up with the ever changing nature of digital collections, this event is for you.

Over two days you’ll hear about the latest digital platforms, strategies and tools, and get the guidance you need to move forward with confidence.

From digitisation to collection management, online collections to digital storytelling, DAMS to NFTs. We ask what’s next?


Since 2009 MuseumNext has welcomed speakers from around the world to share their work and the ideas that shape it. We’ve grown into a platform for inspiration, innovation and conversation with more than 10,000 members.

In July we continued this work with a new virtual conference that highlighted young voices worth listening too.

The Next Generation Summit brought together 30 presentations by young museum professionals, students, and freelancers to share fresh perspectives, new ideas, and original strategies guaranteed to inspire.


Museums are often seen as places that put creativity on display, whether that is art, design, music, writing, or science. But museums are also engines of creativity, offering audiences opportunities to make, learn and collaborate.

The Creative Museums Summit brought together museum professionals from around the globe to share case studies, actionable strategies, and new ideas on creativity in museums.


Museum visitor numbers have been hit hard by the Covid Pandemic, so what are the strategies museums can use to rebuild their audiences? How can museums position themselves for success in summer 2022? And how can museums grow their audiences beyond those who traditionally visited pre-pandemic?

The Growing Audiences Summit brought together museum professionals from around the world to share inspiration, actionable idea and new ways of working.


Museums are typically thought of as destinations to house and display art, artefacts and collections of cultural interest. But in an age of shortened attention spans, it’s becoming more obvious that museums can’t simply be something nice to look at — they must actively engage their visitors.
To do this, many institutions are turning to play, in its many forms, to both engage and educate those who walk through their doors.

The Museums, Games & Play Summit brought together museum professionals from around the globe to share best practice in creating engaging playful experiences both in the museum and online.


Culture Geek was the first in person conference that MuseumNext has held since 2019. This one day event in central London brought together those working at the intersection of culture and digital with a programme that covers immersive digital experiences, live streaming, virtual reality, social media and marketing.