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Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke

Artist and Digital Producer

Adam Clarke is an artist and visual storyteller who uses Minecraft, games, traditional art and technology to inspire and entertain.

Adam Clarke is a leading Minecraft artist and digital producer, responsible for some of the most innovative Minecraft projects in the world. His work includes high-profile collaborations with Tate Britain, Artichoke Trust, The Space, Guardian Newspapers, United for Wildlife, Disney and much more. He produces an online YouTube Channel and also starred as Wizard Keen, collaborating in Stampy’s Minecraft educational series Wonder Quest. He is a Director of the Official Minecraft Marketplace Map creators group, Wandering Wizards.

Originally training as an illustrator, Adam has over twenty-five years experience as an artist, producer, and visual storyteller. He has worked extensively within schools, colleges, and community settings and is well-known for his engaging, and easy-going approach. He is widely acclaimed as one of the most innovative Minecraft creative producers in the world.

Speaking at:

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

The story is more important than the pixel

Lockdown has seen a boom in the creative uses of video game spaces. Off the shelf video games are now being used for socialising, play, learning, art tours, music venues and so much more! Video games have learnt to give creative powers back to the players.

Minecraft is the perfect example of a game platform becoming more than a survive the night and fight the dragon adventure. In this talk, Adam will examine some of my Minecraft projects from Shetland to Lilliput, esports to homeschooling, museums to cancer care. He will also take a look at the tension between funders expectations and the players perspective, and why stories are at the heart of these pixel landscapes.

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Adam Clarke