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Adele Fitzpatrick

Adele Fitzpatrick

Chief Executive
Museums Aotearoa

Adele Fitzpatrick, Chief Executive of Museums Aotearoa. Adele is new to the arts and culture sector, although has been a fan from the sidelines for decades. She has a long history of marketing, branding and communicating in the commercial sector, and more recently in the charitable sector fundraising for New Zealand’s very special native trees.

MuseumNext Growing Audiences Summit
Tuesday, 10th May 2022

How Marketing and Great User Experience Can Create a Sustainable Business Model

The arts and cultural sector can learn and take inspiration from commercial and charitable organisations in how they invest in marketing and communications to build financially sustainable business models. Adele is a marketer and communicator from the commercial and charitable sectors, now using her skills and experience for museums and galleries. She knows how to engage audiences so they regularly fund and support initiatives that they never knew they needed to.

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Adele Fitzpatrick