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Alice Gibbons

Alice Gibbons

Outreach Loans Kit Officer
Museums Victoria

Alice Gibbons is the Outreach Loans Kit Officer at Museums Victoria where she manages a suite of portable objects-based learning and reminiscing kits that can be borrowed across the state of Victoria. Her current role involves fossicking through second-hand stores to find treasures to include in reminiscing programs, working with curators and educators to develop physical and virtual lifelong learning experiences, and delivering education and reminiscing programs across the state. She has run reminiscing kit development workshops in regional libraries and is passionate about person-centred experiences for people living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Previously she has worked in public programs and education at the National Gallery of Victoria and Immigration Museum, Melbourne where she worked as a creative producer to developed programs, festivals, and events for diverse online and onsite audiences. She is passionate about engagement and collaboration and working on projects that promote diverse voices, access, and inclusion.


Speaking at:

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Friday, 26 February 2021

Old people need fun digital experiences too!

Melbourne experienced one of the world’s longest lock downs of 111 days during 2020 with adults in aged care facilities being the hardest hit across the country. Usually, Museums Victoria runs tactile reminiscing programs for older adults living in aged care facilities, both face-to-face and via a loans program. How do you pivot a hands-on program for adults living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease for a cohort who are not always digitally literate but are also extremely isolated and vulnerable? How do you bridge the digital divide and help them to relive the good old days?

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Alice Gibbons