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Alwyn Collinson

Alwyn Collinson

Digital Projects Manager
University of Oxford

Alwyn Collinson is the Digital Projects Manager in the newly launched Digital Scholarship @ Oxford initiative, including the Sustainable Digital Scholarship Service. He supports research projects and collections across the Humanities Division, Bodleian Libraries, and Oxford’s museums.

He has previously worked at the Museum of London and the National Army Museum.

His personal project, @RealTimeWWII, aims to bring the events of the Second World War to life via crowdsourced social media.

MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit
Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Dodging the Datapocalypse: practical digital sustainability

How safe is your collections data? Systems fail, technology becomes obsolete, people retire and records are irretrievably lost. If you’re not careful, your institutional memory and experience will die with that data. Let’s discuss how to preserve your organisation’s data for the future, with examples of how the University of Oxford is trying to embed digital sustainability in everyday practice.

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Alwyn Collinson