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Amy Korpieski

Amy Korpieski

Museum Educator
Springfield Museum of Art

Amy Korpieski can often be found on the floor in the galleries at the Springfield Museum of Art–working with young children as they explore and play with art! Amy is a museum educator who focuses on early childhood, open-ended play and learning, and art. Working in partnership with the city school district, Head Start, Clark State College and Wittenberg University, Amy connects students and educators with the Museum.

MuseumNext Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit
Tuesday, 01 February 2022

A Widening Circle: Social Emotional Toolkits

In the face of the crises of 2020, SAAM chose to step closer in. We listened to our communities’ needs, connected across our urban networks, and rerouted resources. In collaboration with a playwright, an art therapist, and community service organisations, we created and distributed Social Emotional Learning Toolkits, free-of-charge. These guided journaling resources and artwork reproductions connect our neighbours with themselves and with their loved ones. The circle continues to widen as we begin distributing these in rural communities throughout the US and contemplate a new toolkit that aims to support communication across difference.

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Amy Korpieski