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Andy Franzkowiak

Andy Franzkowiak

Programmer (Exhibitions & Collections)
Orleans House Gallery

Andy is a creative producer who specialises in science/art projects and site-specific works. His work includes the critically acclaimed Enlightenment Café, and a series of multidisciplinary art and science collaborations, notable productions include; Deadinburgh, Edinburgh and New Atlantis, London.

Andy was part of creative team for Utopia 2016, curating Paths to Utopia, a 3-month exhibition and events programme at Somerset House involving 500 participants across a range of art forms and academia. He also curated and produced Blood: Life Uncut for Science Gallery London and produced the Arts in Society programme with Somerset House Studios.

Andy has recently developed art/science projects with institutions, including: Lewisham London Borough of Culture 2022, European Space Agency, University of Edinburgh, UCL, KCL, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Warwick.

He has previously worked with: Punchdrunk, The Old Vic Tunnels, Southbank Centre, BBC. Andy is currently Programmer (Exhibitions & Collections) at Orleans House Gallery in Richmond, London.

MuseumNext Green Museums Summit
Wednesday, 30th March 2022

Cultural Reforesting

Ultimately the climate emergency, biodiversity emergency, environmental injustice and all other ecological crises stem from a broken relationship with nature. Whether as individuals or as a society the west has led us to the brink of ecological collapse – Cultural Reforesting is a provocation that we can alter our culture, and step back from the brink. Human’s are a part of all ecosystems we encounter, however we must see ourselves as equal to all other species around us. Cultural Reforesting believes that with storytelling and artists, and therefore cultural spaces, is where this renewal starts. How would you answer the simultaneously complex and simple question – how can we renew our relationship with nature?

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Andy Franzkowiak