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Ashlee Beattie

Ashlee Beattie

Training Coordinator
Canadian War Museum

Ashlee Beattie is a Training Coordinator at the Canadian War Museum and the Canadian Museum of History. She has 10 years’ experience cultivating the professional development of visitor-facing staff and volunteers. She is the coordinator for the program Witness to History, which connects visitors to military history through meaningful conversations with the War Museum volunteers, including veterans, serving members of the military, and civilian experts.

An M.A. graduate from the University of Ottawa’s program Theatre Theory and Dramaturgy, Ashlee champions inter-disciplinary practices to support audience engagement through the performance of historical narrative, identity and social memory.

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Tuesday, 7th June 2022

Virtual Programs: Finding the Formula

Over the past two years, the Canadian War Museum has run over a hundred virtual programs for public and school audiences with varying levels of success. Thanks to a robust evidence-based approach which included critical self-evaluation, feedback from other institutions and thousands of surveys from participants, we think we have found the formula to successful digital engagement for our institution. Join us as we outline three case studies, share our key take-aways and expand on our ideas for a hybrid legacy to stay connected with our national, and international, audiences.

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Ashlee Beattie