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Ben Carlin

Ben Carlin

Director and Producer

Ben studied drama before setting up Megaverse and holds a 1st Class BA, in Drama & Theatre Arts from Kingston University. With an innate understanding of theatre & dance, Megaverse has a natural synergy working with creatives to realise their artistic vision.

They have worked extensively with actors, dancers and choreographers, including the National Youth Theatre. Recent projects include Surge at Gateshead and Flood, a collaboration with the National Youth Theatre.

MuseumNext Digital Exhibitions Summit
Monday, 5th December 2022

Living Portraits: Bringing Portraiture to Life

Living Portraits brings historic artworks to life using technology and theatricality while retaining the historic authenticity. We will talk about the first portrait in the series, Jem Belcher, a butcher turned boxer from the 19th century, who we brought to life to better understand whether hearing his experience directly can change the perceptions of unengaged audiences to historic artworks. This talk, delivered by a collaborative team from Athena Arts Foundation, Megaverse and the National Portrait Gallery, will look at the motivations behind the project, the technology used, the audience impact from the project and what we hope to do next.

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Ben Carlin