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Bernadine Bröcker Wieder

Bernadine Bröcker Wieder


Bernadine is a well published and prominent thought leader in the art and tech community.

She co-founded Vastari in 2012 and has been shaping Vastari’s strategic direction, investor portfolio and industry advocacy ever since.

Coming from the commercial art world, Bernadine holds a track record of successful entrepreneurial activities. Amongst others, Bernadine helped establish Trinity House, an Impressionist and Modern gallery in London in 2010.

In 2018 she was selected for Apollo Magazine’s 40 under 40 Europe, and Bernadine and co-founder Francesca Polo were shortlisted for the Natwest Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2017.

Bernadine is a huge proponent of technological innovation for the art world, and in July 2018, Vastari helped co-organise the first Christie’s Art+Tech Summit in London, focussing on blockchain technology.

Bernadine is a scholar of art history, an active member of the Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars and the Association of Women in the Arts (AWITA) as well as a trusted member of the Professional Advisors to the International Art Market (PAIAM). She is a young ambassador to the Museum of London, and a mentor at the Founder Institute.

As advisory board member of We are Museums and Cromwell Place, Bernadine is passionate about helping forward looking organisations on their journey.


Speaking at the Digital Income Summit
Wednesday 30th June

What can NFTs do for Museums?

NFTs are the latest thing to hit the art market with some earning millions. But does this cryptocurrency phenomenon have potential to bring museums revenue and what are the challenges of the technology?

Bernadine Bröcker Wieder