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Birgitte Cathrine Aga

Birgitte Cathrine Aga

Head of R&D and Innovation

Birgitte Aga is heading up R&D and innovation at MUNCH, continuously experimenting and challenging how the museum can better create value, with and for our audience. With an MBA in innovation and a PhD in conversational AI, she has 20 years of experience in leading collaborative R&D across industry, academia, and the cultural sector. She is responsible for nurturing practices for user-centred development and innovation in experiences, products, and services, and to systematically increase the MUNCH’s research and innovation capacity.

MuseumNext Growing Audiences Summit
Monday, 9th May 2022

Breaking Down Barriers

Many people get uncomfortable and stressed by the sheer thought of experiencing an art exhibition. Since its opening in October 2021, the new MUNCH seeks to break down barriers that keep people from setting foot into art museums. Rooted in the inclusiveness of Edvard Munch’s artistic project, our exhibition spaces integrate learning, digital and interactive offers in a way that supports the art and that makes our visitors feel seen and welcome. Join our talk to learn more about the new MUNCH, how we work with audiences, where we failed and how we challenge what experiencing art means.

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Birgitte Cathrine Aga