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Bouthayna M Baltaji

Bouthayna M Baltaji

Head of Exhibitions and Heritage Exhibits
National Museum of Qatar

Bouthayna M Baltaji is the Head of Exhibitions and Heritage Exhibits at the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ).

In her work at NMoQ, Baltaji works on the interpretation and museography development of both indoor and outdoor museum spaces including: exhibitions, family spaces, playgrounds, and archaeology and heritage sites.

She has an MA in Museums and Gallery Practice from University College London and a BA in Social Research and Public Policy, as well as, Visual Arts from New York University.

Her primary objective is to cultivate engaging, sensory, and intergenerationally accessible visitor experiences, driven by community-centered encounters that foster deeper exploration and alternative perspectives within museum spaces, archaeology, and heritage sites, ultimately promoting a sustainable culture for local communities.

Bouthayna M Baltaji