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Bouthayna M Baltaji

Bouthayna M Baltaji

Head of Exhibitions
National Museum of Qatar

Bouthayna M Baltaji is the Head of Exhibitions at the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ).

In her work at NMoQ, she has developed and implemented interpretive planning strategies for exhibitions. Baltaji has worked on the development of both indoor and outdoor museum spaces including: exhibitions, family spaces and playgrounds.

She has an MA in Museum and Gallery Practice from the University College London, Qatar and a BA in Social Research and Public Policy, as well as, Visual Arts from the New York University, Abu Dhabi.

Her research interests center around cultivating visitor experiences that are engaging, sensory, and intergenerationally accessible.

MuseumNext Digital Exhibitions Summit
Monday, 6 December 2021

Seagrass Tales, Dugong Trails: A digital journey

This presentation will discuss the experience of the digital media featured in the temporary exhibition Seagrass Tales, Dugong Trails held at the National Museum of Qatar. This case study will present the integration and planning of digital media, such as interactives, games, and immersive experiences, in a physical exhibition, the challenges in their implementation that arose due to Covid-19, and the visitors’ reception of such exhibits. How can digital interactives as exhibits convey messages and complement narratives? What did visitors learn through these experiences? What did we learn as exhibition planners?

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Bouthayna M Baltaji