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Brenda Baker

Brenda Baker

Vice President of Exhibits, Facilities, and Strategic Initiatives
Madison Children’s Museum

Brenda Baker is Vice President of Exhibits, Facilities, and Strategic Initiatives at Madison Children’s Museum (MCM), in Madison, WI, where she leads exhibit and facility-related design & development, and oversees strategic initiatives and partnerships. Her thirty-one-year tenure at MCM includes national leadership in fostering environmental sustainability.

She is a past Noyce Fellow and current board member of the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM). Brenda has been the recipient of numerous awards for her leadership, among them ACM’s Promising Practices Award, Sustainability Visionary of the Year Award, and a Badger Bioneer Award. Brenda founded, a website dedicated to helping museums find alternative products and resources to rethink the way exhibits are designed, built, transported, and decommissioned.

MuseumNext Green Museums Summit
Wednesday, 30th March 2022

Healthy Museums, Healthy Children

Louisiana Children’s Museum and Madison Children’s Museum (USA) both address climate change and its impacts on children’s health through their facilities, programs, operations, and exhibits with urgency and a shared responsibility to the young audiences they serve. This session will highlight both museum’s leadership, design approaches and the learning contexts most suitable for young children in light of increasing environmental threats. LCM and MCM will take visitors on tours of their buildings and grounds, highlighting design solutions and strategies for putting children first, while promoting a greater sense of urgency, and an adaptive mindset to create resilient, regenerative climate solutions.

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Brenda Baker