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Bridget Hanna

Bridget Hanna

Digital Programs Producer
Museums Victoria

Bridget Hanna is the Digital Programs Producer at Museums Victoria and has extensive experience working in the museum and creative arts sector. Bridget champions audience-driven experience design and strives to create meaningful multi-platform engagement opportunities that encourage audiences to open the connection between their hands, head and heart.

She is an enthusiastic creative arts producer, illustrator, author and educator who is responsible for onsite, online and virtual digital learning experiences at Museums Victoria and for the creative content and programming of Melbourne Museum’s digital Learning Lab.

MuseumNext Digital Learning Summit
Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Co-creative digital visions

Imagine what a museum could do with a digital learning space that was truly interoperable! With the opening of Melbourne Museum’s digital Learning Lab, a hopeful digital vision for museum learning emerged. This talk shared the learnings from the first year of operation and the creative process behind the development of the Learning Lab. We examine the challenges throughout the development, including opportunities to manipulate digital technologies to support co-creation, adapting workshops for virtual delivery, producing immersive digital experiences and creating a suite of programs that appeals to learners of all ages.

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Bridget Hanna