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Cecilie Monrad

Cecilie Monrad

Art and Health Manager
The Frederiksberg Museums

Cecilie Monrad serves as the Art and Health Manager at The Frederiksberg Museums. Over the last decade, Cecilie has been instrumental in steering the development of social and health programs within the museum.

Her responsibilities extend beyond catering to diverse vulnerable target groups, encompassing the coordination of public social activities that aim to foster well-being, community building, and the unification of individuals.


Cecilie Monrad will be speaking at the Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit 2024:

See Listen Talk – a phenomenological study of slow looking for young psychiatric users

In Copenhagen, Denmark, the Frederiksberg Museums in 2023 have led the “See Listen Talk” project, focusing on young psychiatric users. The intention has been a phenomenological study of how the museums’ distinctive spaces and artworks can contribute to the personal recovery process. The study reveals intriguing aspects, indicating that the slow looking methods participants learn and practice in the secure museum environment can be applied to their life beyond the museum walls. Participants report experiencing a valuable aid that mitigates stress and intrusive thoughts while assisting in structuring their daily, work, or study life.

Cecilie Monrad