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Charlotte Derry

Charlotte Derry

Play and Museum Consultant

Charlotte Derry a play and museum consultant, mum, an occasional wild swimmer, a keen gardener and a p/t yoga teacher.

A former exhibition officer, playworker, and museum and art gallery educator, Charlotte now provides mentoring and training for the cultural sector.

Charlotte’s training helps staff develop social spaces that improve the conditions for play, so that children, visitors and staff experience better well-being, generate great experiences & memories and enjoy opportunities for playful engagement with museums and their content.

Charlotte is part of the Happy Museum Community of Practice and and she works closely with Kids in Museums, supporting their playful programmes.

Charlotte also heads up a growing network called Playful Places which aims to support museums and cultural venues improve the conditions for play, and she’s hoping her work will continue to help children and adults be, and stay well.

MuseumNext Museums, Games and Play Summit
Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Is a Play Consultant the best museum job in the world?

In a recent training session about developing playful prompts with UAE museum professionals, I was told I probably had the best job in the world – helping museums to learn about play and improve how they can support children and adults to improve their social spaces to support play and playing. This presentation will explore my work with museums and cultural settings and some of the inspiring courageous professionals who were prepared to try new things.

Talking about the highs lows, challenges, successes and failures of supporting playful change, and sharing what I’ve learned over the past 12 years. Hopefully inspire viewers to accommodate and grow their capacity for supporting play in their museum, and within their future career. And then people can vote – do I have the best job in the world?!

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Charlotte Derry