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Christine Azzi

Christine Azzi

Museum Educator
Museum of the Republic

Christine Azzi is currently museum educator at the Museum of Republic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a visual artist, writer, art educator and embroiderer.

She has been working in the field of museum education for 14 years, having been coordinator of the Educational Sector of the Museum of Inconfidência, Ouro Preto, for six years.

There, she developed projects especially aimed at vulnerable social groups, using art, embroidery and movies as educational tools. Master and PhD in French literature from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, she published the books “Showcases and collections: when fashion meets the museum” (2015) and “The dresses of Frida” (2013).

Her main interest is to make the museum a space of cultural and emotional connections, making art accessible to the most diverse social groups, especially women and the elderly people. She understands that a museum only makes sense if it is part of the daily life and social well-being of the community around it.


Speaking at:

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Wednesday, 23 February 2021

The Embroidered Word

The Embroidered Word Project is an educational action that aimed to conceive a group whose participants, individually and in their respective homes, created an embroidery from the word or expression that most represented it in this moment of pandemic and social isolation. By chance or not, all of the people registered were women, and a group of 25 women was formed. For that, it was necessary to embroider herself, through reflections and semiotic exercises. Like a web formed by many Aracnes, of different ages and cities in Brazil, each was a decisive stitch in the polysemic network that united women around doing, creating, taking care of themselves and the other. As in the wheel of destiny, they were all spinners of their lives.

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Christine Azzi