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Christine Evely

Christine Evely

Head of Education

Christine Evely is Head of Education at ACMI, a museum of screen culture in Melbourne Australia.

She plays a critical role in the development of onsite and online programs that foster appreciation and understanding of the moving image and the role it plays in a highly connected world.

MuseumNext Digital Learning Summit
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Hands-on learning — onsite and online

ACMI is Australia’s national museum of screen culture and we are recognised as a leader in moving image education. In 2021, we launched a renewed education program that has digital learning and creative experimentation as its central focus. In this session we give you a speedy overview of our new program and then dig deep into the development and delivery of the Digital Portraits workshop to describe its impact on learners, relevance to curriculum and potential for online delivery.

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Christine Evely