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Christopher Bazley

Christopher Bazley

Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Business Development

With almost 20 years’ experience working with the world’s greatest museums and cultural attractions, Christopher is a recognised expert in mobile interpretation in the global cultural arena.

Working for Antenna, the world’s leading provider of audio tours and multimedia tours, Christopher has worked on solutions that have enriched the experiences of hundreds of millions of visitors across more than 1,100 cultural sites; in Europe, the UK and Ireland, North and South America, Asia and The Middle East; winning international awards and generating significant and meaningful revenues for clients along the way.

Christopher has achieved this by bringing a passion for art and architecture, underpinned with a first class degree in Modern History from Oxford (with a specialism in English Baroque Architecture); alongside more than 20 years’ experience in sales, sales management and business development.

From the UK government’s official trade and investment publication for India and South Asia, through the world’s leading independent expatriate training and relocation company, to The Financial Times, Christopher brings experience in building and managing international sales teams, and in motivating and managing sales people to exceed their personal best.

Christopher has led teams with dramatic performance improvement through the implementation of established sales methodologies, targeted performance management and focused management.

Christopher has spoken on cultural interpretation, produced papers on Mobile Applications in Museums, and addressed both commercial and non-governmental bodies in three continents.


Speaking at the Digital Income Summit
Wednesday 30th June

Digital Experiences as Revenue Generators

Find out how Cultural Attractions ranging from some of the world’s greatest museums to tiny, volunteer-led historic sites have managed to weather the Covid19 pandemic by embracing digital experiences.

Whether that be by creating global outreach during lockdown to sustain audiences, donors, friends and supporters, to actual online retailing of experiences; to translating the learnings of BYOD in lockdown to maximise engagement in remobilisation, this session gives insight into the best of more than 80 brand new experiences launched since the beginning of the pandemic.

Christopher Bazley