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Cindy Foley

Executive Deputy Director for Learning and Experience, Columbus Museum of Art

Cindy Meyers Foley is the Executive Deputy Director for Learning and Experience at the Columbus Museum of Art. She envisioned and led the charge to open the 18,000 sq. ft. Center for Creativity in 2011. In 2013, the museum received the National Medal for Museums in recognition of this work.

Foley has co-authored a chapter for The Manual for Museum Learning, 2015 as well as guest edited and written chapters for Intentionality and the Twenty-First-Century Museum, for the 2014 Journal of Museum Education. She has been a keynote speaker for a variety of Library, Museum and Art Education Conferences. In November 2014, she was a TEDX Columbus Speaker presenting Teaching Art or Teaching to Think like an Artist and in 2016, she was asked to again take the TEDX Stage to present The Benefits of Boredom.

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The Quiet Revolutionaries: How Learning Can Reshape Museums

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When museum learning methodologies are integrated across a whole museum, amazing things can happen.

Learning teams are a massively under-utilised asset in the brave new world of museum practice. They are people-oriented by nature, highly adept at collaborative practice, and attuned to audience needs and motivations. Their programming is the reason why families arrive expecting to be told what activities are available, why young people give up their evenings and weekends to join teen councils, and why young professionals consider museums a great place for a night out.

The contribution of learning staff goes beyond the instrumental practicalities of programming, and extends to a way of thinking about and engaging with audiences that museums are not harnessing effectively – find out how they can!