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Cindy Zalm

Cindy Zalm

Sector Manager of Realisation
Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen

Cindy Zalm is an art historian who has mostly worked in Collection Management. Since 2017, she has been working for the Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen (NMVW, an organisation responsible for Dutch ethnographic museums) and currently holds the role of Sector Manager of Realisation.

In the past year she worked with her department to improve 3D scanning quality and the development of an online tool telling masterpiece stories starting with the object and including video, 3D models and AR. The tool can be used on site as well as prior of after your museum visit.

MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit
Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Keiga’s Deshima: a 3D story of a 2D painting

Within NMVW 3D scans were used in 3D applications, showing almost the entire object, but never telling the whole story. By setting higher standards for scanning new ways of telling our story became possible. We developed a story telling solution including 3D models, AR, video and audio to tell the many story’s enclosed in one of our masterpieces: Keiga’s Bay of Nagasaki. A tool that offers content that can be explored on a visitors phone by scanning the original masterpiece, but can also be used to prepare your visit at home or discover more after your visit.

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Cindy Zalm