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Claire Bown

Claire Bown

Thinking Museum

Claire Bown is a museum educator, trainer, facilitator, author and podcast host, originally from the UK and currently based in the Netherlands.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of museum and heritage education, and a strong background in designing and facilitating guided experiences, Claire founded Thinking Museum in 2013.

She specialises in consulting, designing, and leading professional learning opportunities for museum educators, guides, docents, and volunteers, encompassing a wide range of facilitation and engagement techniques, including her own approach Visible Thinking in the Museum, based on 3 foundations for engagement: slow looking, shared visual inquiry and personal discovery.

Claire loves teaching people the secrets of facilitating engaging experiences with art, objects and visitors.

Claire is also the host of The Art Engager podcast, a regional coordinator for Slow Art Day and runs the Slow Looking Club community with 500+ members. Claire will publish her first book ’Slow Looking at Art: The Visible Thinking in the Museum Approach’ in 2024.

Claire Bown