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Cody Coltharp

Cody Coltharp

Digital Interactive Designer
Smithsonian Institution

Cody Coltharp is an interactive designer for the Smithsonian Institution. Working with museum scientists, researchers, and educators, he develops games, graphics and simulations in order to make the research, data, and stories more accessible, engaging, and fun.

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Monday, 6th June 2022

Experience the Extraordinary
Stories of innovative women in science abound at the Smithsonian. How might we leverage these inspiring career role models to garner more interest in STEM fields? The How to Be a Scientist: Smithsonian Women as Career Role Models project brings the stories and work of three contemporary Smithsonian scientists to students across the country through digital project kits of free, classroom-ready materials. Each kit highlights a scientist’s career journey and the importance of her work through educational resources including online interactives, 360° videos, and classroom activities. How else could you swim through a coral reef ecosystem, experience echolocation in the rainforest, or journey through an exploded star? Teachers use these engaging suites of educational resources to bring the importance of climate change, the predator and prey relationships, and the electromagnetic spectrum to their students, inspiring the next generation.

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Cody Coltharp