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Cristina Bucci

Cristina Bucci

Museums of Tuscany for Alzheimer's System

Cristina Bucci is part of the coordination team of the MTA System for which she is responsible for coordinating communication, organising international exchanges, developing the process of including museum programs in the network of social and health services dedicated to people with dementia.

With a background in Art History and a long experience in museum and artistic heritage education, in the last ten years she has been particularly committed in museum programs aimed at making art accessible to people living with dementia and people in autistic condition, as well as disseminating these programs as a trainer.

Cristina has numerous international experiences including having been project manager of Museums Art & Alzheimer’s EU project.


Cristina Bucci will be speaking at the Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit 2024 :

An alliance between Museums for Alzheimer’s: the Tuscan case

In Tuscany 26 institutions, representing 70 museums, created a formalized system, the Museum of Tuscany for Alzheimer’s System, with the aim of promoting a social change and a community response to the issue of dementia more effectively.

Cristina Bucci