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Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan

Vice President of Growth & Partnerships

Dan Sullivan is the Vice President of Growth & Partnerships at Cuseum, a company helping cultural organisations leverage the power of technology. Having grown up around arts, history, and antiques, Dan gained an appreciation for culture at a young age and applies that excitement to the cultural world every day.

Dan is passionate about technology, membership, and digital engagement and frequently speaks on these topics at conferences, universities, and webinars, including the industry-leading ‘Membership Mondays’ series.

Committed to community service and entrepreneurship, Dan volunteers at various Boston-area nonprofits, serves on the board of directors of two, and is the founder of one of his own.

MuseumNext Growing Audiences Summit
Wednesday, 11th May 2022

Reinventing Membership for a Hybrid Future

Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, museum membership has undergone a profound evolution. In the early months of the pandemic, cultural organisations were forced by necessity to rethink their approaches to audience activation and delivering value to members. Over the past two years, circumstances have spurred an even greater range of invention, innovation, and imagination in membership. In particular, membership professionals have spearheaded new digital approaches to audience development, programming, engagement, and communications.

However, in this later stage of the pandemic, the term “hybrid” has become increasingly common in museum vernacular, reflecting the important discussions taking place about how to accommodate the demands for both onsite and online engagement in the arts and cultural space. How can museums adapt to the new hybrid reality? And what do hybrid approaches look like in membership? This session will address these questions, sharing 2022 insights from a new Cuseum report on navigating digital and hybrid initiatives in museum membership.

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Dan Sullivan