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David Spreekmeester

Technology Strategist, Grrr

David Spreekmeester is Technology Strategist and one of the founders of Grrr, a Creative Digital Agency in Amsterdam.

He believes in durable technology, also when it comes to code. The challenge might change shape over time, but stays the same in essence: creating complex functionality, hidden away behind a pleasantly usable human interface.

He was a pioneer in what is now a competitive market: combining digital tech with high level design to improve strategic communication. David graduated cum laude in Interaction Design at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and holds a master’s degree in Interactive Multimedia, with a dissertation on Artificial Emotion.

As Head of Tech at Grrr, David is nowadays occupied with devops, distributed systems and machine learning. On the side he also likes woodworking, the Japanese language, peppers, photography and bicycles.

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