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Deborah Howes

Deborah Howes

Howes Studio Inc

For over three decades Deborah Howes has produced ground-breaking learning experiences, online exhibitions and resources, print and electronic publications, websites, and study centers for art and other educational institutions.

As the current President of Howes Studio Inc. (founded in 2017), she now guides educational organizations in the planning and execution of such digital products as well as their institutional transformations.

Her agile, “design-thinking” approach engages museum staff in generative collaborations that achieve institutional goals and catalyze new thinking about museums and their visitors.

Howes’ keen insight into today’s public and their diverse learning needs–especially as they pertain to digital platforms–was grounded by successive education appointments at the Art Institute of Chicago, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Museum of Modern Art.

Her digital learning knowledge base continues to evolve from varied collaborations with Howes Studio clients and ongoing engagement with emerging museum leaders via professional development programs in the US and abroad.

Deborah Howes