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Donald Hicks

Donald Hicks


Saganworks is an Ann Arbor, Michigan start-up founded by Donald Hicks, a serial software technology entrepreneur. In 1998, Don founded the supply chain design software company LLamasoft. In 2013, while making a last-minute visit to see the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum in London, he walked into the Gallery of Enlightenment only to realize that he had just five minutes until the museum closed. With such limited time to explore, Don wanted to purchase a memory stick of all the fantastic collections in the Gallery. No such luck. However, in those brief seconds, the idea germinated to create a 3D space to hold all its knowledge and collections.

On May 1st, Saganworks launched as a web and mobile application bringing the ability to create 3D galleries to the masses, and in October launched a new media type with their embeddable technology: 3D Immersive Experiences (3D-IE). Just 6 months after launch, Saganworks has almost 4,000 users across dozens of industries.


Speaking at:

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Thursday, 25 February 2021

Revolutionizing The Web With Saganworks

The Saganworks platform enables you to completely immerse your customers and guests in your facilities at no cost. This platform will revolutionize and become part of every single website in 5 years.

Our mission is not to replace the museum experience, but you better believe we’re going to change everything about it. Museums need to start thinking of themselves as retailers – all facing the digitalization transformation – you can’t be lazy or wait.

When you have a physical experience, people get close to your brand and products in a way they can’t do digitally. But in today’s age, you can’t avoid the digital experience – we should all try to extract the relationship made from being in a physical space people may visit a few times every 10 years. With Saganworks bringing your physical to digital and allowing full customization, people have a relationship with content again.

With the innovative power of 3D environments, you can bridge the gap between occasional in-person visits and the daily life of people that are not thinking about your brand.

Retailers of all kinds should give up on the notion of selling through the use of a physical experience to establish intimacy and legitimacy in a brand – 3D immersive experience are how you bridge that and bring people back to renew and refresh their relationship with your brand

Saganworks speaks to you in a way flat web pages don’t. We can’t wait to share more!

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Donald Hicks