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Dr Edwina Doting

Dr Edwina Doting

Clinical Microbiologist
University Medical Centre Groningen

Dr. Edwina Doting, M.D., PhD, works at the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) as a clinical microbiologist skilled in clinical research and medical education.

Edwina has worked for fourteen years as an advisor to the Board of Directors at the UMCG, she is now involved in (improving) patient care and well being of medical students. Edwina has a passion for art and for eight years she is member of the Medical Art Society Thomassen à Theussink.

A collaboration between – amongst others – Groninger Museum, Minerva Art Academy and UMCG, and she is always looking for projects & crossovers where both the medical and art world meet to improve health & well being.

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Tuesday, 01 February 2022

Stress reduction in doctors in training through engagement with Art

At the Groninger Museum we believe that by working together with partners such as a medical centre, we as a museum can design better (educational) programs that fit special needs and improve health & well being. By collaborating in multiple projects the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) – the largest and only academic hospital in the North – and the Groninger Museum came up with programs to p.e. reduce isolation, or train medical students and doctors in training in becoming better doctors through engaging (observing, listening and looking) with art. Our latest project is a program to reduce stress for specifically doctors in training through engagement with Art.

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Dr Edwina Doting