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Dr Krisada Chaiyasarn

Dr Krisada Chaiyasarn

Chief Technology Officer

Dr Krisada Chaiyasarn is currently an Assistant Professor of Engineering at Thammasat University. He obtained his PhD, MEng and BA in Engineering from the University of Cambridge. He worked as Software Developer and Business Analyst at JP Morgan. He received many prestigious awards for his academic achievement including EPSRC for his PhD studies from the UK government and Royal Thai Government scholarship, best paper awarded by American Society of Civil Engineering in 2016, and best research project by Thailand Research Fund in 2018.

Dr Krisada currently teaches at universities and gives public lectures as well as conducts research in deep technology. His current lectures are in the following fields: Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Structural Health Monitoring. He is leading a research group and has published several papers in related fields.

MuseumNext Digital Learning Summit
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Desktop-AR. Practical implications for the global Education sector.

Immersive Virtual- and Artificial Reality is on track to become a tool used by educators worldwide. Some hindrances to this progress are the accessibility of the technology, its cost and the training needed to satisfy the confidence of educators and students alike. With Desktop-AR, these concerns can be significantly reduced, even eliminated. Studies have shown that this immersive technology improves engagement while facilitating a rich learning environment. In this new way of learning, students can immerse themselves into a desktop artificial reality environment, from anywhere in the world.

This provides Museums, an educational institution at its heart, a new way to interact with their patrons. By creating digital holographic exhibitions, Museums are not limited to displaying their artefacts on-site. Holo-Museum, Perception Codes’ flagship project in partnership with the Imperial War Museum and Science Museums Group, is a way to bring museums into schools, homes and the digital era.

Dr Krisada Chaiyasarn