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Dr. Mónica Méndez

Dr. Mónica Méndez

Head of Cultural Change and Community Partnerships
Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Dr. Mónica Méndez is Head of Cultural Change and Community Partnerships at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, where she uses her skills as a researcher, facilitator, trainer, advocate, and leader to foster and nurture inclusive cultures.

Her previous roles include working as a consultant in Latin America in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and strategic skills, serving as the CEO of Dress for Success Pittsburgh, founding an anti-trafficking company, and advocating for survivors of gender-based violence.

Dr. Méndez has dedicated her work, research, and volunteering to empowering women and girls by bringing the topic of gender-based violence, economic independence, and culture to the public sphere. She has years of experience as an expert in gender-based violence and D&I and has published and presented her work in both national and international forums.

Dr. Méndez holds a PhD in Sociology from UCF and an MBA from Duke University.

MuseumNext Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit
Monday, 31 January 2022

Playful strategies for supporting children’s emotional wellness

Children are facing deep emotional stress as they navigate the complexities of COVID-19, racial unrest, and environmental degradation. These stresses have long-lasting impacts on children’s health and wellness that fall disproportionately on Black and Brown children and children with disabilities. Museums are experts in fostering emotional experiences, but have not always committed to supporting visitors’ long-term emotional wellness. This session shares research and concrete examples of how the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is supporting children’s emotional wellness by providing intentional opportunities to practice empathy and resilience, building children’s capacity to persist through frustrations they encounter in their daily lives.

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Dr. Mónica Méndez