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Dr Ryan Jefferies

Dr Ryan Jefferies

Science Gallery Melbourne

Dr Ryan Jefferies is Director, Science Gallery Melbourne and Associate Director, Science and Academic Engagement at the Department of Museums and Collections at The University of Melbourne.

Ryan’s interdisciplinary career transects science research, education and museums and galleries.

He completed a PhD in biomedical science at Murdoch University and postdoctoral research fellowships at The University of Western Australia and University of Bristol.

He has worked with the Western Australian Museum, Museums Victoria, the HBA Museum of Anatomy and Pathology and the Science Gallery global network, and has curated major interdisciplinary science and art exhibitions, festivals and residencies.

MuseumNext Green Museums Summit
Monday 28th March 2022

The Art and Science of a Greener Gallery
At a time of urgency for global action on the climate crisis, how can science and creativity shape a greener gallery? Through radical architecture, engineering, curatorial practice and exhibition production, Science Gallery Melbourne at The University of Melbourne has boldly begun a journey to be a sustainable place for social change. Creative design has ensured green energy production and reduced exhibition waste, and a youth-focused program of exhibitions regularly explores creative solutions to waste and climate change through the collision of art and science.

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Dr Ryan Jefferies