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Elin Eriksson

Elin Eriksson

Digital Development and Communication Intern

Elin Eriksson is a newly graduated art historian from Uppsala university in Sweden.

Elin BA thesis examines digital development in today’s museums. The critical study analyses the digital activities of Nationalmuseum (Sweden´s museum of art and design) before and during the pandemic.

As a digital native and art historian with specialization in digital development in the field of museum and art history Elin has a way of seeing the work and trends at cultural institutions in a different light.

Elin has the last couple of months been working as an intern at Nationalmuseum.

She has during that time not only been involved in multiple projects for digital development but have also had the opportunity to see what happened to the digital development in the museum after the pandemic up close and from the perspective of someone on the outside.

MuseumNext Next Generation Summit
Wednesday, 20th July 2022

The digital museum in the aftermath of the pandemic

What happens when a museum goes from exclusively digital back to its normal way of physical, wanting to do both? A museum is fighting towards the normal reality of the way everything was before the pandemic, but still want to keep all the new digital experiences that developed during said pandemic. Is it possible? If so, how? Young museum professional and digital native Elin Eriksson tell the story of how Nationalmuseum, Sweden´s museum of art and design, both struggle and succeeds trying to balance digital and physical museum experiences.

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Elin Eriksson