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Etta Grotrian

Etta Grotrian

Digital Strategy Manager

Trained as a historian, in 2018 Etta Grotrian was appointed the Digital Strategy Manager at Übersee-Museum in Bremen. Prior to that, she was at the Digital & Publishing department at the Jewish Museum Berlin. During this time, she worked as a curator of multimedia and online content on German-Jewish history, conceived the digital availability of the collection, and implemented digital information management projects and workflows.

Etta has lectured on Public History at the Freie Universität and Digital History at Universität Bremen. For her PhD at Freie Universität Berlin, she conducted research on the subject of history from below in Western Germany of the 1980s.

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Wednesday, 8th June 2022

Smash the Singular!

Finding new ways of working together — with communities, within our organisations, with interdisciplinary teams and across museums. How can we make this happen while diversifying access to and perspectives on museum’s digital collections? With the NEO Collections project three very different museums started by using the digital space to connect with “heavy users”, talk to them and learn from them, or start a conversation in an international network of “critical friends.” In our talk we’ll share our experiences of co-creating digital prototypes with different formats of digital residencies and fellowships and how this impacts how we transform our organisations.

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Etta Grotrian