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Fabien Barati

Fabien Barati

Co-Founder and CEO

Fabien Barati is co-founder and CEO of Emissive, a company that creates unique immersive experiences for cultural institutions and brands since 2005.

Passionate about digital innovation, he and his team create interactive installations that use virtual reality and augmented reality in entirely new ways.

Emissive works, among others, with Musée du Louvre, Patek Philippe Museum, Institut du Monde Arabe, Hermès or Lacoste.

Emissive notably develops the ‘Immersive Expeditions’, a unique multiuser experience dedicated to the exploration of our cultural heritage.

Fabien is also a coproducer of the acclaimed cultural experiences ‘The Enemy’ and ‘ScanPyramids VR’.

Fabien Barati