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Felicia Ingram

Felicia Ingram

Manager of Interpretation, Accessibility, and Diversity
North Carolina Museum of Art

Felicia has a master’s in Arts Administration and Museum Leadership from Drexel University. She published her thesis “Immersive Media in Museums and Museum Education” in 2017.

After graduating, she went to work at Cortina Productions, where she was able to put her love for tech and museums into action. While employed there, she worked with museums producing films and digital interactives. Currently, she works as the Manager of Interpretation, Accessibility, and Diversity at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

She leads all in-gallery interpretive elements such as immersive rooms, response stations, and more. Felicia oversees all accessibility and diversity initiatives working closely with local IDEA organizations. Her overall goal is to make the Museum an inclusive and welcoming place for all.

MuseumNext Next Generation Summit
Wednesday, 20th July 2022

The Art is Not Enough: Creating Experiences at Art Museums

Today, museums cannot rely on famous names on white walls to serve the next generation of audiences. It is not enough to get people through the doors. In this presentation, I will discuss different ways that museums can create digital experiences to draw people into the galleries. I will argue that visitors want to enter museums and have an experience. But how can museums create these experiences for visitors? I will explore this question with an emphasis on the use of technology. I will discuss ways technology can be used to create a social learning experience for museum visitors.

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Felicia Ingram