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Filipa Pereira-Stubbs

Filipa Pereira-Stubbs

Dance Artist, Teacher and Creative Practitioner

Filipa Pereira-Stubbs is a Cambridge based dance artist, dance teacher, and creative practitioner. Filipa devises and delivers dance & health programmes, in the community, in clinical settings, in museums and galleries, and outdoors in Nature.

Her projects, including ‘Dance for Health’ at Cambridge University Hospitals, and ‘Look Imagine Move’ always hold inclusivity and integration of the arts at the core, finding inspiration in somatic practice and the process of improvisation & imagination, calibrating and bridging perceived cultural differences, age differences and health differences.

Her work in the field of medicine seeks to create bridges between subjective, phenomenological perspectives of the body, and the larger naturalist and normative approaches to medicine, health and wellbeing.

Filipa Pereira-Stubbs