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Frances Liddell

Frances Liddell

PhD Researcher
University of Manchester

Frances is a PhD researcher at the University of Manchester.

Her research involves working with the National Museums Liverpool to explore how we might implement blockchain (specifically NFTs) in museums to cultivate and strengthen relationships between a museum and the audiences it serves.

Her work critically examines questions on digital ownership, authenticity, and authority and examines the value in the digital museum object though the application of blockchain technology.

MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit
Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Monetise digital collections as holographic NFT collectible items

How can digital collections be monetised, and bring people closer, at the same time?

In this panel, we will explore the way to monetise digital collection as holographic NFTs. Unlike traditional NFTs, the holographic NFT collectible items come to life as if they are in the viewers’ hands, enabling collectors to exhibit them in a personalised way. We will also explore how digital collections can bring a sense of community to people through shared ownership and how it helps to finance the preservation of physical artefacts through digitisation at the same time.

Frances Liddell