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Fransje Pansters

Fransje Pansters

Digital Communication Advisor
Van Gogh Museum

As one of the Van Gogh Museum website managers, Fransje is responsible for content creation and website optimization. Being immersed in a story is one of her favorite ways to spend time and she has a never-ending curiosity to find out how stories are putting a spell on its readers and how museums can use that in their advantage. Fransje’s work is at the intersection of online marketing and storytelling: the storytelling formats on the Van Gogh Museum website allow the museum to adopt vividly to ever changing user needs and user behaviours. Also, she has launched new ways of structuring stories to hook the reader. More recently, she is fascinated by strategies to stop giving away storytelling content for free.

MuseumNext Growing Audiences Summit
Monday, 9th May 2022

Storytelling Strategies: Get More Out of Your Stories

Over the past two years, museum objects were left in the dark (mostly), while their stories and images lived online. Like a Good Samaritan, museums did online what they have always done: share beauty and inspiration, as a welcome antidote to the gloomy news elsewhere. For free. However, putting stories on the web without a content marketing backbone, is a missed opportunity. In this talk I’ll focus on how we can use storytelling in a more strategic way. Prepare for insights on how to tell stories online to grow your audience, along with practical tips on how to structure a story so you can hook your readers.

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Fransje Pansters