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Fransje Pansters

Digital Communication Advisor, Van Gogh Museum

I never stopped loving stories since I was a little kid and I was thrilled to learn later on in life that storytelling is actually a profession.

What makes me love art are the stories. OK, along with the colours and shapes. Yet, even art I dislike at first, can grow on me once I learn the story behind it. What better way to spread the love for art than through sharing the stories?

Managing the Van Gogh Museum website, it is my job to turn texts into stories and to write the stories in a way that people care.

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How to tell stories online that people won’t move away from

Digital Summit

Tobacco Theatre

Why do people get lost in a novel, spend hours binge-wachting series on Netflix and forget the time while scrolling through their social media timelines, while the average visit duration on a museum website is less than 2 mintues? Our stories are at the core of our museums and they have all the potential to be equally engaging as a television series. I’ve asked scenario writers, theater makers, journalists at newspapers and UX specialists to find out how we can rewrite and redesign our stories so people won’t move away. In this talk, I share what I’ve learned.