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Frazer Thorpe

Frazer Thorpe

Zoos Victoria

Dr Frazer Thorpe finds interesting ways to bridge the gap between scientific research, learners and the classroom. He’s been working in science education for over 10 years after completing a PhD in plant biology. In his current role as an Educator at Zoos Victoria in Australia, Frazer helps educate over 150,000 young visitors. Using meaningful storytelling, he and his team connect students and teachers to animals and nature. They build understanding of wildlife conservation by illuminating the work of scientists and communities. Frazer also co-coordinates educator professional learning programs, both in-house and out in schools.

Frazer hosts face-to-face and digital events that connect researchers and their real science stories with teachers and young people to explore the wonders of the world, the social implications and how to tackle the challenges we face. Topics included “Stem cells cures” (with University of Melbourne), “Breeding for Conservation” (with Zoos Victoria) and “Future foods” (with La Trobe University). He has built a range of education-research partnerships including Museums Victoria, Life Sciences industry, medical, agricultural, and ecological research institutes with several leading Universities.

His current focus uses conservation research case studies that align to school curricula in coaching conversations with teachers, students, and community. He aims to support teachers attend to the specific needs of their learning context in ways that embrace community.

Frazer Thorpe