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Hanna Piksen

Hanna Piksen

Head of Education
Het Nieuwe Instituut

Hanna Piksen is the Head of Education at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. With her background in art history, experience with many forms of art education and collaborations with different artists, she knows that the most valuable and unexpected things happen when museum education is content based, visitor focused and experiment driven. This also helps out in working with the Detour Guides, makers who guide visitors through the museum from their own perspective, and in the other manifestations of the Education program.

Hanna is co-author of the book Create with Artists, which brings this philosophy within the reach of anyone who is looking for a creative and artistic boost.

MuseumNext Creative Museums Summit
Monday, 27th June 2022

Disrupting the museum with the Detour Guides

Design for insects with Esmée, dance through an expo with Giovanni or find yourself DJ-ing about architecture with Nathalie: at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam (the national museum for design, architecture and digital culture) the guided tours have turned into detours. The Detour Guides are a team of diverse creatives, who are given carte blanche. This not only results in creativity driven experiences for the audiences, but also in an infiltration of the institute itself. Turning the museum into a more inclusive, impactful and adventurous place. Join us in this talk for a sneak peak of the detour experience.

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Hanna Piksen