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Ian Ellard

Ian Ellard

Head of V&A Academy

Ian Ellard is head of V&A Academy, the V&A’s lifelong learning department.

Ian oversees art history courses, creative skills workshops, design discourse forums, and professional development for museum workers.

He lives in south east London and on Teams.


Speaking at the Digital Income Summit
Wednesday 30th June

Pivot! Increasing reach and revenue with online learning

When your customers are used to walking past Rodins to get to their seats, how do you bring them with you when you pivot to online? That was the killer question when V&A Academy decided to launch online art history courses during summer 2020. What we didn’t expect was that V&A Academy Online would provide a richer, deeper learning experience, with greater reach and accessibility to boot and that maybe those Rodins… Were just getting in the way.

Ian Ellard