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Isabelle St-Germain

Isabelle St-Germain


Her love of the environment and of human nature led Isabelle St-Germain to study biological sciences.

Following a research project with coffee-growing communities, she worked for over 15 years at Équiterre and contributed to the strategic development of that organization as Deputy Director.

At Oxfam-Québec she devoted herself to communications and to public involvement as the organization’s senior director. Her career has allowed her to acquire solid experience in the fields of the environment, social innovation and international development.

She has entered into numerous partnerships and served on several boards of directors in relation to the environment and social justice. In July 2021 she became Director of the Biosphère.

MuseumNext Green Museums Summit
Wednesday, 30th March 2022

Reinventing the Biosphere
The Biosphère, the newest museum to join the Space for Life complex in Montreal, is currently working on reinventing its mandate, which is at the crossroads of environment, science, art and citizen museology. Aiming to raise public awareness and encourage action, the museum wishes to become a positive and inspiring space for thinking about the socio-ecological transition. How can we think of an inclusive environmental museum that is part of the public debate? Why build a place for dialogue based on exchanges between scientists, artists and the public?

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Isabelle St-Germain