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Jackie Armstrong

Jackie Armstrong

Associate Educator, Visitor Research and Experience
Museum of Modern Art

Jackie Armstrong is the Associate Educator, Visitor Research and Experience at The Museum of Modern Art where she works cross-departmentally planning, coordinating, conducting and sharing the results of visitor research and evaluation, as well as working on other initiatives and interpretive resources, such as the inclusive interpretation working group.

Increasingly, Jackie draws on her personal experiences with trauma, mental illness and disability and a passion for research to advocate for others and inform her work in the museum.

Jackie was the Audience Researcher at the Art Gallery of Ontario prior to coming to MoMA in 2012, and had worked at a few smaller museums before that in various capacities.


Jackie will be speaking at:

Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit

Monday, 6th February 2023

What Do We Risk By Not Building Trauma-Informed Practices into Museum Work?

Why should trauma-informed principles and values be central to museum work?  What shifts when you operate from a place of vulnerability, authenticity and love? Hear how Artful Practices for Well-Being originated and continues to evolve alongside deep personal work in a process of learning and unlearning. Discover ways to support nervous system regulation and collaborate to uplift this work. Through storytelling, reflection and research, attendees are invited to take a journey of understanding trauma-informed practice as a way of being, and what it feels like to hold space for awareness of trauma in a culture resistant to recognising it. 

Jackie Armstrong