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Jafar Hejazi

Jafar Hejazi

Digital Dramaturge

Jafar Hejazi (1992, Iran) lives and works in Brussels.

Since August 2023, he has worked as Digital Dramaturge at Bozar, Centre for Fine Arts. Having background in technology, performing arts, and digital storytelling, he worked as an interdisciplinary artist since 2011 in his homeland and internationally.

His main focus has been on exploring the potentialities of digital tools such as mixed reality, and generative computing to create innovative art projects.

Now, as a digital dramaturge, he aims to expand Bozar digitally by building innovative platforms for artistic expression such as video games, AR, VR, etc.


Jafar Hejazi will be speaking at the Museum XR Summit 2024 :

How can AR transform urban space into a Surrealistic canvas?

How are Surrealism and augmented reality (AR) interconnected? Join us in our discovery of new forms of artistic expression through innovative technology to bridg the gap between a well-known museum and immersive digital experiences. We showcase and share our project, Ceci nes’t pas une exposition’ where Bozar expanded AR within the venue and in public spaces around the house.

Jafar Hejazi