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Jake Sanford

Jake Sanford

Exhibit Technician
KID Museum

Jake Sanford is the Exhibits Technician at KID Museum.

Jake designs and constructs exhibits in the Museum’s Maker Playground and comes up with new ideas to connect kids to the exciting world around them. Currently he is creating an experience called Binary Beat…you’ll have to attend the session to see it in action!

Gabriel Melan will be speaking at the Creative Museums Summit 2024:

Cultivating Wild, Wacky and Wonderful

What happens when you give a group of creative makers license to follow their joy? KID Museum’s approach to creating experiences that cultivate creativity is to support unbridled creativity in its staff, to design spaces and engagements that pulsate with the possibility of “what if…” and “why not…” rather than “what do I do?” Join us as we share our process, lack of process, failing forward approach and outcomes of endless creative iteration on our Maker Playground exhibits and engagements.

Jake Sanford